1st – 8th July – Palermo, Italy

Are you a youth worker or a trainer working with young people? Are you interested to tackle gender based discrimination (GBD) and learn new methods to address this topic?

CEIPES is looking for participants for an international 6-day training course on the themes ofholistic learning, theatre of the oppressed and fight against gender based discrimination with young people.

The training Holistic approach: learning to fight against GBD with our bodies, minds and souls aims to foster capacity building of trainers and youth workers working in non-formal education contexts and with young people victim of GBD, by providing them with the opportunity to learn about new methods and approaches, namely holistic learning and theatre of the oppressed. A second goal is to contribute to empower young people victim of GBD so that they can protect and fight for their human rights and those of young people facing similar situations of discrimination.

Project objectives:

  • To foster understanding and knowledge on the subject of GBD
  • To understand how GBD affects young people in Europe
  • To acquire competences on holistic learning approach and understand how it can be used to fight GBD
  • To develop competences on theatre of the oppressed and understand how it can be used to fight GBD
  • To develop follow-up projects with a multiplying effect on young people

Participants will acquire concrete competences on gender based discrimination (what it is, how does it affects young people, what is the situation in partner countries and in Europe), how to address GBD from a holistic learning perspective (what is holistic learning, how it can be useful in the context of GBD, what are the main methods and approaches) and by using the theatre of the oppressed (mainly forum and legislative theatre). Another objective of the training is to develop follow-up projects with a multiplying effect on young people.

The project is coordinated by the International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development (CEIPES – www.ceipes.org), an international NGO based in Palermo, Italy, with a broad experience in running youth international events and training courses in the field of human rights, non-discrimination and cultural diversity.

Participants profile

  • Being resident in a Council of Europe member country[1]
  • Trainers/youth workers
  •  Age between 20 and 30 years old (a small percentage over 30)
  • Previous experience in the field or intention to work on these topics in the future
  • Motivation and interest in the themes of the project
  • Being part of an NGO ensuring multiplying effect to share the learning achievements
  • Commitment in developing a follow-up project
  • Availability to take part in the whole training
  • Medium-high proficiency in English


• Food and accommodation will be covered for the entire project 100%.

• Participants fee: 50€ to be deducted from the travel reimbursement.

• We will reimburse max. 2/3 of travel costs (up to the maximum amount of 230€).

• Visa costs will be covered 2/3 of total costs (up to the maximum amount of 50€).

The project is funded with the financial support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

Candidates need to fill the attached application form and send it by 14th Maggio 2014 to irene.lapera@ceipes.org

[1] Check here if your country is a member of the CoE: http://hub.coe.int/web/coe-portal


  1. Application form Holistic Training
  2. Call for participants Holistic Training


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