Another year in ending, with as many nice and bad things as any other year, but I would like to remind that this year had some extraordinary aspects, that regards the civil society movement in many countries of the word. This movement began in Tunisia and extended to various countries of the Arab world and later also to the so called occidental society. At this point, however, something is still missing, because we are the 99%, but right now still this 99% need to wake up, especially in the countries of the north of the world that believe to enjoy more rights and live in better conditions compared with other places, in which the poverty line is always present for the majority of the population. But this is, in a certain way, a delusion that our fake democracies bring us to believe as reality. Try just to ask yourself on how many decisions on your rights and duties you did participate, how many times your voice has been heard when you demonstrated, how many times you could decide if the money of your taxes should or not be used to contribute to war in Afghanistan or Libya, how many times…

We wish the new year to be a year of many wake-up calls, that kind of wake-up calls that don’t leave us indifferent in the morning and obliges us to get up, not because get up is a duty, but it is a RIGHT! So we wish that all of us can contribute a bit to this, and that many NGOs like CEIPES can together foster this movement, through education, training, information and empowerment. Because this is a fight that is not new, but only now has visible flowers, let’s work more to make fruits grow, in a cooperative way, with solidarity and care of the other. Let’s work with the awareness that what we do now will have repercussions in the future and in other places of the world.

In CEIPES we truly believe that through education and training each of us can become a better person, more aware and open, we can become persons who know the own human rights and those of other human beings, that are exactly the same rights, and that are rights not only in paper but also in reality.

We wish you all a 2012 full of opportunities and the will to take advantage of them!