Il Ceipes è alla ricerca di 2 partecipanti per “Mentor Creative Fun”, lo scambio giovanile che coniuga la creatività al lavoro di tutor.

Periodo: Dal 19 al 28 ottobre 2015
Dove: Arad, Romania
Partecipanti: 30 giovani dai 18 ai 30 anni da Romania, Spagna, Portogallo, Italia, Polonia, Francia
Partecipanti italiani: 1 group leader, 4 partecipanti. Verrà data priorità a chi risiede o vive in Sicilia.
Organizzazione ospitante: MultiCultural Foundation
Altri partner del progetto: MultiLingual Foundation, AYUNTAMIENTO DE MURCIA, Associação Juvenil of Peniche, Stowarzyszenie EDUQ, EUROCIRCLE
Lingua del progetto: Inglese

Descrizione del progetto:
The main topics of our project are: creativity and culture; Youth (participation, youth work, youth policy).
Guide, motivate, inspire, are the words that best define to us what it means mentoring. Over time, the word mentor has become increasingly prevalent in different contexts can be captured either in literature, history and everyday life. It became synonymous with a friend, a teacher, a wise person, trusted advisor, tutor, model, confidant. Many who became mentors have not realized the transformation saying so because it was a natural role came in different situations. Our project aims to give the curtain aside, to clarify the role of mentor in different contexts and provide a quality standard for future mentors. We want this project participants and partner organizations to provide new insights, understanding the role and responsibilities of the mentor, and to offer those who want to become mentors support scripting of what it means to work mentoring.

We set three objectives for our project Mentor Creative Fun by MCF:
1. A better understanding of ideology mentor in NGO / Foundation and in the community every day, through the activity of non-formal education during 8 days of youth mobility.
2. Acquiring skills necessary to be a mentor to 30 young people in order to bring their contribution both within organizations / foundations from which and within communities for reference.
3. Develop a standard Mentor: Guide and procedures
Our project will have two main activities, namely:
1. Advance Planning Visit
2. Youth Exchange

The Advance Plan Visit will take place in the period 29-30/09/2015 in Arad, Romania. This activity will be attended by six group leaders, from each national group. This group will discuss in detail about the youth mobility, roles and responsibilities in the project, implementation modalities of sessions, evaluation and dissemination of the project.
Youth Mobility will take place between 19-28.10.2015, Arad, Romania, 30 young people from Romania, Spain, Portugal, Poland, France and Italy will take part in this activity. They will learn and acquire experience, skills and competences with regard to what it means to be a mentor, you need to do as a mentor, you make a mentor activities, roles and responsibilities, who needs a mentor, etc.
All project activities will MCF by MCF the working methods of non-formal methods such as energizers, knowledge games, role playing games, team building, simulations, assessment activities, facilitated discussions.

Condizioni economiche:
– Vitto ed alloggio sono coperti al 100% dall’organizzazione ospitante.
– I trasporti acquistati dai partecipanti verranno rimborsati a fine progetto al 100% su un massimale di spesa di 170 euro a persona. Spese superiori saranno a carico dei partecipanti.
– Quota di partecipazione 50 euro (tessera associativa CEIPES)

Per candidarsi inviare CV e application form compilata al seguente indirizzo: il prima possibile.

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