Project name: “You.Rec – Youth Run Europe with Creativity”
Project number: 2017-3-IT03-KA105-012530
Coordinator: CEIPES
Partners: Spain, France and Portugal
Financed by: European Comission, Erasmus + Programme – KA1


Today we give a big welcome to Ruben, the new volunteer, who will follow us for the next 6 months here at CEIPES during his European Voluntary Service, within the “You.Rec – Youth Run Europe with Creativity” project.

Ruben comes from Beniel (Spain), a small town near Murcia, in search of a new adventure he took the opportunity to meet us and take a look to all our activities.

This is his story:
“I am Ruben Coll, coming from Beniel, a small town in Murcia, south from Spain. Beniel is a beautiful and quiet place, the problem? Everyday in Beniel is the same!

I am a friendly person, I like staying with my family and friends, listen and play music (I play the guitar) and I love all the sport in the nature.

I have studied TAFD (sport activities technician), and I have worked for 5 years in a sport center. I worked as swimming coach and fittnes classes. I loved this work, beacuse I like to meet new people and I love working with children. You will always be young and happy if you work with them!

During the last year, I decided that I wanted to change my confortable life, I wanted to learnt english, I wanted to improve my surfing and I wanted to live in a new country. The best option was: AUSTRALIA.

I lived for 6 months in this incredible country, I improved my english, and learned a lot of things. Then, I travelled for Indonesia and Thailand.

Once I went back to my small and quiet town, I decided that I wanted to live in other countries. I saw the option of working with CEIPES in Palermo and I didn’t hesitate, I think that it should be an incredible experience for me.

I am very excited for living this new experience in this city, and I hope to learn and enjoy a lot with this project”.

What else should we said? Welcome on board Ruben, we’re so glad to share this experience with you!

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