As part of the World Environment Day, 12.06.2020 the cleaning of the beach took place in Via Messina Marina. This activity named “Giornata Mondiale Dell’ambiente. Pulizia Spiaggia” was organized  by  the association Azzizzart and had the participation of many local organizations, these being: Azzizzart, Banca del tempo, CEIPES, Ecomuseo del Mare, Homorifiutilens, Retake Palermo, Se ognuno fa qualcosa, Gruppo scout Palermo 2° F.S.E San Massimiliano Kolbe.

The event involved several even young and adult locals, who came together to make a difference and clean up the beach making it more comfortable and livable. The beach was very polluted but thanks to everyone’s help, a pleasant afternoon was spent to clean it up and give it a new splendor, all accompanied by the slogan “What does not end up in the garbage ends up in the sea”. The activity also involved the residents of the neighborhood as well as some earners of citizenship income who, while waiting to be able to start job interviews, wanted to contribute to the activity.

CEIPES staff as well as other volunteers collaborating in CEIPES projects, got together and joined the group of the other volunteers in this beach cleaning.

Although it was not a big space of cleaning, everyone managed to catch huge amounts of trash leading us to the conclusion that a beach so close to Palermo city center is very under underutilized. It is noticeable when the beach is underutilized makes the trash to appear there more easily due to the people’ awareness on trash management.

Gladly there is this great associations that got together to fight this trash pollution our Sicilian beaches and create awareness and a sense of responsibility in each one of us.

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