On the 8th of July we welcomed four volunteers from France and Spain to CEIPES. Melina, Carmen, Nacho and Begoña, are ready for a new adventure of European Solidarity Corps. The young volunteers had this opportunity thanks to the C.R.E Creativity Resilience and Empowerment for Change project, the ESC project funded by the European Commission and coordinated by CEIPES together with the partners: EUROACCION, HORS PISTESS, BRIGADA DO MAR and IAIRS.

CRE it’s a three-year project started in 2019 and involves the implementation of voluntary activities – Individual Volunteering Cross Border – covering the issues of youth marginality and empowerment, active citizenship, human rights and social inclusion of refugees.

Volunteers, within the first year of the ESC project, will participate to CEIPES’ activities, expecially the Human Rights Museum and of migration, located at the new structure given to CEIPES, as beneficiary of a good confiscated to the mafia. Volunteers will carry out human rights activities and active citizenship, with children at school and with young people at youth centres, refugees, migrants and locals; they will also be involved in indoor and outdoor activities on entrepreneurship with some young asylum seekers and young people from Palermo, particularly in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods such as Ballarò and the UDITORE district, the headquarters of CEIPES, a suburban area where volunteers will both receive and offer opportunities for residents to start multiple activities with the aim of requalify the neighbourhood and providing new perspectives in terms of development.

Thanks to the C.R.E project, 4 volunteers with fewer opportunities (young people with “refugee” status) will also be involved for 2 months of voluntary work at BRIGADA DO MAR, a partner organization of CEIPES that aims to implement actions aimed at protecting biodiversity.
Our volunteers will be involved in HO activities making them part of the change in society.

It will be for sure a period full of experiences that will enrich their lives, we wish the volunteers the best of luck from the whole CEIPES team.