Project number: (2019-3-TR01-KA205-080005)
Duration: 24 months
Coordinator:YALOVA University (Turkey)
Financed by: Erasmus+ programme, KA205
Partners: AKDENIZ SU URUNLERI ARASTIRMA URETME VE EGITIM ENSTITUSU (Turkey), DIDEAS; s.r.l. (Spain), SPROS PROJECT EDUCATION (Turkey), CEIPES – Centro Internazionale per la promozione dell’educazione e lo sviluppo (Italy), INNOPOLIS Centre for Innovation and Culture (Greece), SU URUNLERI YETISTIRICILERI URETICI MERKEZ BIRLIGI (Turkey).

On the 7th of April 2020, the kick-off meeting (KOM) of GASTROFISH project took place online. Yalova University directed the meeting.

The Kick-off meeting was a great opportunity to learn about the various expertise of the partners involved and for exchanging good practices regarding the implementation of the project.The day was set up according to a clear agenda, the overall project was presented by the coordinator in its activities, responsibilities and time schedule.

GASTROFISH aims to promote, engage, connect and empower young people in the fishery and gastro-kitchen sector by digital learning activities. The GastroFish project will also stimulate the strengthen of cross-sectoral cooperation, allowing for greater synergies across fishery information technology-gastro with a special focus on access to participation –including e-participation of youth–and the notably those at risk of social exclusion with such disadvantaged rural area. GastroFish project will broaden and deepen the political and social participation of young people at the local, regional, national, European or global level of the fishery sector. It will also foster volunteering among young people in the fishery and gastro sector while increasing socio-economic inclusion and taking into account the underlying European values.

In terms of promoting diversity, intercultural as well as social and economic rights the GastroFish project will enhance critical thinking and media literacy among young people to strengthen the sense of taking initiative, notably in the fishery and gastro field. The project will promote entrepreneurship education of youth, certification social youth entrepreneurship, and not-for-profit activities among young people. GastroFish will also support transnational youth initiatives that allow groups of young people to put ideas into practice, including through social enterprises, tackling challenges and identify problems in the field of fishery and gastronomy.

From this main objective there are several specific objectives and products to develop during the implementation of the project:

– IO1: FISHERY 4.0 IN EUROPE – The aim of this output is to build a reliable source as a guideline about seafood sector and employment opportunities of youth population in the

project regions by Fishery 4.0

– IO2: GASTRO-KITCHEN IN FISHERY – The aim of this output is to establish a gastro-kitchen guide of the seafood sector and how to cook seafood by using the best practices to improve the opportunities in the gastro-kitchen sector.

– IO3: GASTRO FISHERY NETWORK IN EU – The aim of this output to develop training modules that will be formed by analysing the situation and the guidelines which is related to the existing rural fisheries sector in each partner regions.

In the coming months our partners will be involved in analysing the state of the art and the needs of the target group of the project both at national and European level. This analysis will be the basis for subsequent developments.

The next transnational meeting will be online on the 5th May 2020.

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