CEIPES – International Center for the Promotion of Education and Development, is very pleased to invite you to “Accessibili…TEA!” event which will took place on October 28th at Palazzo delle Aquile, in Palermo!

The event aims to be a meeting between associations that at local, national and international level works in the field of DSAs. The meeting will be held at Palazzo delle Aquile and the goal is to trigger a process of networking and discussion between these realities.

The name Accessibili…TEA! Wants to refer to the “afternoon tea”, as a moment of confrontation and discussion in which formal and informal come together, and ideas and good practices springs up.

The meeting will also be an opportunity to promote the results of the Erasmus+ project: ICT Teaching for People with Special Learning Disorders, or simply “TI4PeS” (Strategic Partnerships for Innovation, in Vocational Training, project number: 2017-1 -SE01-KA202-034573).

TI4PES project aimed to promote, a closer relationship between the ICT and the students with DSA, in Vocational Training, creating guides for Informatic teachers on how to approach this type of BES, and a “DSA friendly” platform with online lessons, for teachers or by self-taught students.

Speakers will included:

<Municipality of Palermo – Institutional Greetings
<Prof. Marianna Alesi, (University of Palermo) – current research lines on DSAs
<Fulvio Grassadonio, (CEIPES) – European planning and DSAs, possible horizons with the Erasmus+ program.
<Serena Butticè, (CEIPES) – TI4PES, Information Technology for everyone!
<Dr. Daniela Leto Ass. SI.DA – Study support
<Dr. Sara Ferina Ass. Virtualmente – Learning Studies Center – Working with DSAs practical experience

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