The VIII Transnational Meeting of the DISEMEX – Disability Employment Expert project was held in Łódź, Poland, on 14th and 15th Jannuary 2020, in the presence of all the project partners.

The aim of the meeting was to observe and learn about the best practices of the Polish city in the field of inclusion of people with disabilities in the workfield. Among the various realities encountered, the first was: Kancelaria Wsparcia Zatrudnienia (Employment Support Office) “Szansa Pracy”.

They won the award as: The best employer of disabled on the open labor market in 2019

Szansa Pracy works on Job placement field and training projects, assistance for people with disabilities who want to change their life with different types of support (psychological, economic, health, training, etc)

The meeting with some employees who achieved excellent work successes has revealed important elements on this topic. The biggest barrier that people with disabilities have in entering the workfield, is not so much the purely physical limit, as the “mental barrier” that society and communities have and believe they can’t hire people with disabilities.

Szansa Pracy is also involved in training and researching “LABOR TRAINERS” a kind of work which aim to looking for potential employees, analyzing their profiles in order to understand needs and skills and how they can be inserted in the workfield, after that they finally contact the hiring offices and starting with the training period.

These and other practices in this field were the subject of the first day of the meeting. The second day saw the consortium take stock of the project and review the managerial aspects and the incoming deadlines.

The project will end in February with the last meeting and will aim to collect all these good practices in a write document and a final video.

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