Una Marina di Libri – CEIPES is back and this time it is flying across borders! 

CEIPES ETS returns, for the 2024 edition, to one of the most anticipated cultural events in Sicily: the literary festival ‘Una Marina di Libri‘!

The event, which took place in the evocative location of the Urban Park of Villa Filippina, right in the historical heart of the city, saw the CEIPES staff engaged for four days under the banner of culture and civic engagement. From 6 to 9 July, the team had the important opportunity to make itself known to the local community, including tourists and policy makers. Lectures, events, readers and scholars from all over Italy, as well as the curious and enthusiasts, had the opportunity to get in touch with the local community.  

At the stand, there were many activities to be carried out with an educational theme for young and old, holding high the organisation’s values such as collaboration, solidarity and commitment to local initiatives. Many projects were presented and the public flocked with many questions and curiosity. A new opportunity was seized and all the staff could not be more pleased; one of the cornerstones of CEIPES ETS is precisely to spread EU values also within local communities. 

Thanks to the event organisers who, with their theme “Beyond Borders…”, inspired by the story of the city’s patron saint (Rosalia), allowed CEIPES ETS to fly even higher. 

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