U.PIN – In Germany for the second partners meeting!

The second meeting of the project U.PIN took place in Stuttgart on the 8th  and 9th of September 2022, hosted by YES Forum (Germany). All the other partners participated onsite and they are ÖJAB (from Austria), CSR Solutions (Norway), and CEIPES (Italy).

The management of the project was discussed, as well as the details of each stage of the project, especially working on the first output of the project: The EU Green Deal attractively presented for young people. We divided the schedule in specific themes linked to the tasks of the project.

The first focus of the meeting was on the project management side, also divided in the Project Timeline, Timesheets management, Interim Report, that we will be subbitted by the 01.05.2023 by the leader ÖJAB, and the Finance, where we faced the budget monitoring, next expenses to be done before the intermediate report. Then the focus moved toward the First Project Result, which we have decided to address within 3 dimensions. First, general: we decided to focus on communication more the general meaning and opportunity of the Green New Deal for the new generations as the  whole structure and policy documents that are available so far as they are currently changing (e.g. the role of atomic energy).

A Feedback session on the previous workflow has been done as well. Second, Format, we spoke about the thematic structure of texts and the possibility of using infographics and also Quizzes, linked to social media content. Third, Topics: In order to find a focus in the complexity and build a link to the daily life of young people, a daily life item will be used to build a bridge to the Green Deal.

YES FORUM, also organised a wonderful walking guided tour of the city before the meeting, as a chance for the partners to enjoy their time there, learn about Stuttgart’s society, and get to know each other better.

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