U.PIN – All results are being finalized!

On September the 5th and the 6th, CEIPES hosted the 4th Transnational meeting of U.Pin at its office in Palermo to discuss the results of the project and to set the agenda for the upcoming Learning Teaching and Training Activities
The event started with the examination and discussion of Result 1, 2 and 3 contents to make changes if necessary. The discussion was fruitful, and the projection of some digital contents created an interactive and effective debate on the communication impacts of the results. After this phase concluded the official content of the videos was finalized.  

The event continued with a review of the result 3, the Methodological Handbook to be produced on powerful workshops and videomaking focused on the European Green Deal. It was decided to give further to make the product ready-to-use for all those involved in the project and beyond. 

The partners thus proceeded to the organization of the coming LTTA in Palermo. The agenda was shown to open a discussion on whether to apply changes or further proposals to the program. First, they discussed logistical issues about the number of participants, the places where to implement the activities and the modalities. Then the partners presented the workshops and the activities to implement during the LTTA days and discussed about the communication tools to employ during the training.   

When it came to deal with the dissemination of the project, the partners discussed about the coming strategies and proposal to implement it, focusing on: 

  • The regular upload of contents on the social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) of the project and the possible expansion to TikTok to widen the target. 
  • The creation of digital contents during the LTTA to be spread. 
  • The allocation of part of the budget to promotional materials. 

The meeting was a successful moment for the project to take stock of the situation. The discussion was always very smooth and clear between the partners, a great start for further actions alike!  

While we wait for the upcoming LTTA in October, keep following U.PIN on Facebook and Instagram!

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