TRAINING TO WIN – The BMX Training Needs Report is online!

The Consortium of the Training to Win – BMX project has reached one important result.

The BMX Training Needs Report has finally available online at the following link, in English and Italian.

The main aim of the project is to promote education in and through sport with a special focus on skills development, with emphasis on coach training to improve the quality of the sport’s career development and safety of young athletes.

Achieving this ambitious objective implies the scientific analysis of BMX from different perspectives, starting by analysing the training needs that the BMX community (athletes, coaches, families, managers and other stakeholders) know about BMX training and what are, in their opinion, the main aspects to improve not only regarding performance but for and integral development of the riders.

The BMX Training Needs Report presents the results of the first intellectual output of the Project, the BMX Training Needs Questionnaire, which will serve as the basis, or diagnostic analysis, of the situation of BMX in Europe, to face the challenges identified in this Project.

The questionnaire was structured in four dimensions: material needs, knowledge needs, sport facilities’ needs and, finally, environmental needs. The online questionnaire was distributed through the Project website, partners’ social networks and regional and national Federations’ mailing sport clubs list. Riders, coaches, sport managers, riders’ families and friends and anyone linked to BMX were the target of this action.

Please to know more about the project follow the  website of the project and its social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram.