TRAINING TO WIN – The BMX Research Handbook is online!

Another great milestone has been achieved by the Training to Win – BMX project consortium. The BMX Training to Win Research Handbook is finally online.

This Handbook displays the results of the second intellectual output of the BMX Training to Win project (622085-EPP- 1-2020-1-ES-SPO-SCP), the physical and psychosocial test battery to evaluate BMX performance.

The document is structured into two big chapters with complementary material.

First, an introduction about the European project is done and then the BMX Performance Evaluation chapter and the Psychosocial Factors in BMX Performance are extensively developed.

Each of these parts contains an introduction, the applied test battery, the results, conclusions, recommendations for training, and, finally, the references. After these two main parts, the tables and figures index are displayed, as well as a specific section to describe the partnership (coordinators and partners).

You can download the Handbook in English here.

For other news on the BMX Training to win project, please visit the website and the project’s Facebook  and Instagram pages.

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