The CEIPES – International Center for the Promotion of Education and Development, hosted Tuesday July 2 the inauguration of the new “Rise-Lab” center, network for inclusion, Development and Empowerment” with the presence of Mayor Orlando that after the traditional “ribbon-cutting ceremony” had the opportunity, together with the whole participants, to observe the work done within the new headquarters, led by our president Musa Kirkar.

After viewing the new spaces, the event took place inside the theater where we presented, in addition to the CEIPES centre, some of the most important associations born thank’s to the confiscation of propriety owned by the mafia. Representatives of the associations Libera, Sartoria Sociale, Associazione InformaGiovani, circolo Arci “U-Curtigghio” and the Volpe Astuta scout group followed one another on stage.

After the lunch break during which the Mayor donated the celebrative plaque of CEIPES, always within the theater, many ludic-cultural activities alternated each other, in addition to the presentation of two of the last European projects born from CEIPES, the Green Skills project and the Love Life Dance project.

From 5am onwards the multiplayer event took place, with parallel laboratory activities. For the occasion, illustrative desks were set up through which participants had the opportunity to get in touch with the activities carried out by the Rise-Lab, the proposed activities focused on body movement, board games and on 3D printing workshops.

During the whole day participants were also able to visit the artistic and photographic exhibition, the result of the projects “Mandala – Meet is an art” and “All in – The art that is included”, aimed at favoring the encounter and growth between people from different backgrounds and cultures through different types of art.

July 2 was an important opportunity for Palermo citizenship, not only because it had the opportunity to learn about a growing non-profit reality and to discover a property confiscated from the mafia, redeveloped and returned to citizenship, but also and above all it was an opportunity to get in touch with the Palermo realities in order to network, discovering the good practices carried out by CEIPES.

The former warehouse located in Via F.M. Alias ​​n.20 – in the heart of the Uditore district – after being entrusted to the CEIPES by the Municipality of Palermo and following the restructuring of the premises, which took place without public funding, today it hosts a multi-purpose social empowerment center, which works daily on creation of projects aimed at making the future a better place to live.

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