The International Day of Peace was an excellent occasion to share with other people a moment full of solidarity, art, and good values. This time, CEIPES collaborated with the PEACE CONSULTATION and ITASTRA, an Italian language school for foreigners, and the president of the PACE consultation.

On Monday, September 21st we visited Villa Niscemi, a fantastic place where the poetry contest was held organized by CEIPES- International Center for the Promotion of Education and Development and its team of young volunteers, from three different countries carrying out an ESC- European Solidarity Corps, a training experience funded by the European Commission that allows young people to carry out a volunteer project in another country.

Unfortunately, the winners could not be present but it was an honour for us to read the poems and feel the illusion of all those participants were made through a creative reuse laboratory at CEIPES and one was donated by Tindara Ignazzitto (member of the Peace Consultation).
Today, we live in a world with a lot of information and sometimes we find the time to be able to disconnect and dedicate a part of our daily life to helping others or simply writing a poem.

Thanks to the attendees, we feel that our work there was really appreciated. One of the poems was read in honour of Willy Monteiro Duarte who unfortunately has been gone for already three weeks, therefore, we want to dedicate the contest to this young man who was killed trying to defend the life of a friend. It’s a very emotional moment that we will all remember forever. We also had the chance to enjoy a live performance by the harpist Romina Copernico.
Peace means being able to share every day, in harmony, in a world that should offer the same opportunities for all, access to basic needs.

Here in Palermo, we have verified that despite the difficulties we encounter daily, we can fight to achieve that peace of which we speak.

To help with our energy to bring a smile to those who need it most, to give a small part of our time to help others and in these difficult times, more than ever, to think about how lucky we are in our lives.

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