On 12 October 2021, the KOM of the project GASTROFISH – “INCREASING THE EMPOWERMENT OF YOUTH BY IMPROVING THE DIGITAL e-LEARNING IN GASTRO-FISH” (2019-3-TR01-KA205-080005), a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme, KA205 – Strategic Partnerships for school education, was held in Yalova, Turkey. 

GASTROFISH has a duration of 24 months and involves partners from 4 different countries: YALOVA University (Turkey) which is the coordinator, AKDENIZ SU URUNLERI ARASTIRMA URETME VE EGITIM ENSTITUSU (Turkey), DIDEAS; s.r.l. (Spain), SPROS PROJECT EDUCATION (Turkey), CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development (Italy), INNOPOLIS Centre for Innovation and Culture (Greece), SU URUNLERI YETISTIRICILERI URETICI MERKEZ BIRLIGI (Turkey). 

The KOM was an opportunity to meet the partners for the first time in person, as the global pandemic did not allow this project to start properly but only through online meetings. All the partners were happy to meet again in presence; however, CEIPES took part in the meeting in remote mode due to the Italian legislation concerning COVID-19 pandemic. 

Firstly, the Rector of Yalova University, the host of the event and the project coordinator, gave a speech about the importance of the GastroFish project, its objectives, and the relevance of the partnership. Afterwards, each partner introduced its own organisation: CEIPES took this opportunity to present its mission, staff, network and Rise-Lab. Alessia Di Francesca and Giulia de Chirico, CEIPES project managers and contact persons for the GastroFish project, highlighted CEIPES’ willingness to become part of the consortium, latching on the vocation of Palermo for fishing activities and the centrality of the organisation and its activities to the topic of environmental sustainability.  

The GastroFish project was born in response to the need for more knowledge about fisheries, the challenges of climate change and the need to disseminate awareness and best practices within the fisheries sectors and the treatment of valuable raw materials derived from fisheries.   

This Transnational Meeting also outlined the guidelines for the following project activities, including Learning and Teaching Activities (LTTAs): the first of these will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece, at the end of November and two Italian participants will have the opportunity to be involved; CEIPES will have the opportunity to host the third Transnational Meeting and LTTAs in January 2022.   

As part of GastroFish, each partner organisation has already produced video interviews, all available on the YouTube platform, with privileged observers from the fisheries and fish processing sectors.   

Keep following us to stay updated on the progress of the GastroFish project and the activities carried out by the consortium. You can find more information on the CEIPES website and on the project website at the links: