The project “The Gamification of Employment” came to an end. Actually, on the 24th of February, the final meeting of the project took place, giving the partners the opportunity to sum up what has been achieved since 2018, year in which the project was launched.
The meeting was inevitably held online because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it anyway represented a necessary and important tool to outline the project Multiplier event (i.e. the last achievements dissemination event), and to understand together the final project steps’.

During the meeting, the last results were presented, and the partners had the opportunity to discuss them and explain them in detail. The project pursued the aim to promote the use of table games as tools through which the younger generations may develop those transversal skills, which today are considered an important key in the labour market. The project conceived an innovative methodology, which allowed different young target groups (migrants, young people with disabilities, students, NEET and young people with psychosocial issues) to acquire those skills. Such methodology was developed through specific workshops at local level in each of the involved countries.

This result has proved to be priority and fundamental for the project success. A demonstration of the innovative methodology is available on the project handbook, which represents another one of the project results, and which can be found and freely download on the project website. The website itself represents the last of the results achieved, a necessary tool for the youth workers, or for who else might want to take advantage of the developed methodology.

During the final meeting, the partners exchanged views so that everything could be ready for the Multiplier Event successful outcome, but especially for the end of the project, which will be over on the 28th of February.

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