Project name: The Book of Life: Write your own Best-Seller
Project Number: 2020-2-RO01-KA205-080635 Duration: 31-12-2020 to 31-12-2022
Funded by: Co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
Coordinator: GAMMA Institute
Partners: CEIPES, ASPAYM Castilla y Leon, Check-In, IAIRS


“The Book of Life: Write your own Best-Seller” is a strategic partnership project that brings together five partners from five different European countries (Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland) and will be carried out over two years. The first meeting was held online in order to ensure the safety of the participants, considering the COVID-19 pandemic, and took place over two dates between March and April 2021.

The project departs from the context of an increasing age at which young people start living independent lives, and of problems related to the incidence of unemployment, anxiety disorders, and depression. It aims to develop, test and implement some innovative non-formal methods of working with young people, through combined expressive techniques, to increase their involvement in community life, to motivate them to become architects of their own lives and to teach them how to gain independence to build a healthy lifestyle, both personally and professionally.

Thus, the project has three main objectives:

First, the projects aims to increase the capacity of young people (a group of 300 young people from 5 countries) to plan and implement a healthy lifestyle (physical, mental, emotional and relational) through the use of innovative tools of expressive type, in the process of personal and professional development.

Second, to increase the quality of non-formal activities in the youth field, by developing, testing and disseminating a personal and professional development toolkit for young people (The Book of Life), as well as an integrated intervention program that youth workers can use to develop decision-making capacity for the life independence of young people.

Third, to increase the organizational capacity of the 5 European youth organizations participating as partners to use non-formal tools focused on the personal development of young people and to develop sustainable working methodologies in the field of youth.

In this first meeting, the partners discussed the project’s aims, planned the first steps regarding its activities, and brainstormed the project’s logo. CEIPES looks forward to a productive two years!