Due to the Covid-19 emergency restrictions, the sixth Transnational Meeting of the “PAIS Promoting Active Inclusion of Disadvantaged Persons Excluded from the regular participation into grassroots sport” project took place online on 29 June 2020.

Representatives from the Institut Django (Macedonia), Footura (Bulgaria) and CEIPES (Italy) organizations met to discuss the last steps before the end of the project.

Due to the health emergency, in the past months the partners have organized some online activities to promote the inclusion of the most disadvantaged people in sports, which have been very successful. The sporting activities envisaged by the project have only recently started up again, admitting the participation of a limited number of people and in full respect of social distancing.

The partners discussed about the latest activities. In particular, CEIPES presented the results of its last event, in occasion of the World Refugee Day, “Trekking to Monte Pellegrino”, which saw the participation of some of the guests of the Asante Onlus Association a first reception center in Palermo.

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The partners, decided to create a brochure containing some recommendations regarding sporting activity as a means of promoting everyone’s sport participation.

The online version that will be created, will be translated into the national languages ​​of the partnership (Bulgarian, Italian and Macedonian) in order to be more accessible at local level.
For more information on the activities of the PAIS project, please visit the project website and Facebook page.