The ambitious project SWING Signs for Work Inclusion Gain (2017-1-IT01-KA202-006157) is achieving a great impact since its results have been lunched. Indeed the sign of a successful project is evident when its long-term effects are recognisable. For this reason, we are proud to announce its European label of languages’ victory of the 2020 edition.

This is obviously a huge success for all the people involved, for all the partners and the stakeholders who contributed to its significant results. (click here for more)

In order to underline the great success of SWING, the project was also officially declared a “Best Practice” by EU officials. A particularly relevant event as a confirmation of the hard work made so far by the entire consortium of the project.

These recognitions are a tangible mark of the work done over the years, especially within the projects about vocational training and those addressed to people with disabilities.

Actually SWING project doesn’t stop there! By following the steps of the first project we are currently working to SWING 2.0, its follow-up, successfully approved and started in December 2020 hoping that it will reach the goals, results, actions and activities of the first SWING.

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