STEMSiL – The meeting in Thessaloniki to keep fostering STEM in deaf education 

The consortium of the Erasmus+ STEMSiL project met for the fourth time to develop and implement educational practices and resources to make STEM subjects more engaging and accessible to deaf students. By leveraging the expertise of a diverse consortium, the project keeps addressing the skills gap in STEM fields and inspire the next generation of STEM experts, scientists, engineers, and technologists. 

The 4TM in Thessaloniki, hosted by KENG between 27 and 28 of June, provided a stage for consortium members to review the progress of the project, discuss upcoming steps, and strategize on the delivery of key outputs. Representatives from each partner organization contributed their insights and updates, promoting a collaborative environment where ideas could be exchanged freely. 

One of the primaries focuses of the meeting was to assess the progress on the project’s deliverables. The consortium has made significant strides since the previous meeting, with several milestones reached and new ones on the horizon. The team has been working on designing the STEMSiL handbook that integrates innovative teaching methods and real-world applications, aiming to make STEM subjects more relatable and engaging for deaf students. 

Additionally, a state-of-the-art digital platform is being developed to provide students and teachers with access to a wide range of STEM resources. The consortium has also been focusing on building strong links with local communities and stakeholders, involving deaf students and their family members, teachers, Sign Language Interpreters and policymakers in the STEMSiL project to ensure a holistic approach to STEM education. 

Looking ahead, the consortium outlined several key steps to ensure the continued success of the project, planning to finalize the STEM handbook and conduct co-labs and pilot testing in schools, using feedback from these pilots to make necessary adjustments and improvements. The digital platform is set to be launched in the coming months, with an emphasis on usability and accessibility. Besides, continuous monitoring and evaluation will be conducted to assess the impact of the project and identify areas for further improvement. 

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