STEAM & DIGITAL SKILLS – An Innovative Method of Educating Through the Steam & Digital Skills

On the 15th and 16th of June 2022, the kick-off meeting (KOM) of STEAM & Digital Skills – Searching for the new Leonardos project, took place in Arta (Greece) and the consortium of partners have been hosted by the PRIMARY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OF ARTA, a public institution for the region of Epirus.

STEAM & Digital Skills – Searching for the new Leonardos: the aim of this project is to take innovation that will enable the training of teachers and consequently through the use of STEAM will increase their self-efficacy and address their needs, namely: development of their communication skills, strengthening of the organization, cultivation of leadership and human resource management skills, acquisition of specialization with parallel cognitive flexibility to achieve interdisciplinary connections, but also in the connection of these needs with the learning objectives.

The meeting’s days were full of activities (presentation, workshop, learning session and so on…) and they were set up according to a clear agenda.

The Coordinator “PRIMARY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OF ARTA” and the partner DEVELOPMENTAL CENTER OF THESSALY (AKETH) from Trikala explained in a clear way the overall project in its activities, responsibilities and time schedule.

STEAM actions are directly related to the problems of the real world, they are actions integrated in a learning teaching sequence to be solved, which requires the interdisciplinary approach of STEAM in combination with the problem-solving skills offered by technology. Concretizing the STEAM methodology and digital skills with the creation of teaching scenarios, we will rely on the teaching triangle and the psychological theory of the educational activity in creation of STEAM teaching scenarios using ICT.

The aim is to create a platform that will include teaching scenarios with an interdisciplinary axis, which on the one hand will connect different cognitive objects, and on the other hand, through art will connect the technocratic data of STEM with the cultural, human background, enhancing its creativity and skills of the student and creating, in the long run, the active citizen of tomorrow, a “Leonardo da Vinci”. Leonardo’s example supports the pluralistic personality that the citizen of the future is required to have and at the same time the plan will create the metacognitive level. 

From this main objective there are several specific objectives and products to develop during the implementation of the project:

Project Result 1: STEAM methodology framework. What it is, how it is applied and how each of its pillars is analyzed.

Project Result 2: Integrated distance learning platform for teachers wishing to study STEAM

Project Result 3: Educational teaching scenarios using STEAM educational practices.

In the coming months our partners will be involved in the creation of a STEAM (Guide) Methodology Framework which will include what it is, how it is applied, how each pillar of STEM is analyzed, how the ART connects the technocratic part of STEM with culture through interdisciplinary teaching sections.

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