STAFF MOBILITY – CEIPES in Barcelona for the training on the emotional intelligence

From 6th to 10th March 2023, CEIPES participated to the training on the emotional intelligence carried out in Barcelona by Shipcon.  

Emotional intelligence is important in various life dimensions, such as in the personal and professional ones, in the relationships, social communication, in stress management and in the development of skills.  

The course attendants were composed of educators, teachers, leaders of enterprises and members of NGOs, coming from various European countries, among which Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Greece, Finland and others. 

What emerged during the training is the necessity to improve our levels of emotional intelligence, to learn how to do it and how face challenges. Participants had the opportunity to perform various practical activities in which confront each other, work together, gain skills and awareness about their emotional intelligence. They also learned how to transfer their acquired knowledge and skills. 

For example, some concrete scenarios were addressed, as well as the topic of conflicts and negotiation. The role play allowed participants to experience new perspectives and to learn how to negotiate. 

It was a good opportunity for CEIPES to develop emotional intelligence skills and to share its experience with other experts from all Europe.  

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