The second training activity of the SPOTI project was concluded!
CEIPES led the activities and it was a successful experience. According to the project timeline, this month CEIPES was supposed to host the Learning teaching training activity (LTTA) in Palermo with all the partner countries that are part of the consortium, but due to Covid pandemic we rethink all the activities in a virtual environment.

The training was structured in four sessions distributed into three working days. The main aim of the activities was to discuss the elements that can lead to stereotypes connected to gender equality giving also importance to the cultural elements that can be relevant for this debate. CEIPES organized interactive training sessions, in order to take advantage of the multicultural group made up of 7 different nationalities.

During the first session, after the presentation of the participants and a short introduction of CEIPES and the aims of the training, a quiz game has been proposed, with different cultural elements related to Sicily and Palermo, since one of the goals of the Learning teaching training activities is to better know the culture and the society of the city where the activities take place. After that, the consortium went into the central topic of the training: gender stereotypes.

Since the project is about the involvement of men in gender issues, CEIPES invited the association of Palermo “We men in Palermo against violence on women ” to participate in the session as an example of good practice in the city. This association, made up just of men, has experience in carrying on activities on gender violence at schools. During the LTTA, CEIPES proposed to the consortium some methodologies of the association with the purpose to share them in order to spread these good practices and giving the possibility to the other partners to replicate them in their contexts.

During the sessions, the participants had the opportunity to take part to the general debate, with different sharing moments, considering also the policies that in the different countries are preventing gender equality, fostering gender discrimination. Different interactive activities have been carried out, with the main purpose to offer a good experience to all the participants, trying to overcome the obstacle of the distance.

The Evaluation session was carried out dividing the different partners into different working groups. CEIPES collected very positive feedback from the participants. The attempt to overcome the difficulties has been achieved: different colleagues were enthusiastic about the tools used, saying that they will take inspiration from the activities and the methodologies used during their lessons with the students.

The project consortium is made up of different professionals that enrich the group with their expertise and experiences. It has been a very interesting experience. Stay tuned for next steps of the SPOTI project!

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