SIEP 2.0 – Stockholm calling to counter fight the bullying

On the third week of May (16-22 May), the SIEP 2.0 consortium gathered in Stockholm to attend the 2nd transnational meeting hosted by More Mosaic (621487-EPP-1-2020-1-ES-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN). The hot topics covered during the week concern how to implement the training activities and plan the “SIEP Role models” and “SIEP Labs” session with the localities involved.

Furthermore, the meeting worked as a strategic checkpoint to refine the project outputs in progress and to propose a layout for the next activities based on the participants’ feedback. Gathering and analysing the feedback – from the training course and the local sessions – helped to interpret the users’ point of view and adapt both game and activities for the implementation.  The process started with the introduction to the project output overview and some team building activities to tune everyone mindset in the right direction. The week continued testing and reflecting on the SIEP methodology last feedback:

  • Educational pills – How to make them shorter and more effective?
  • Role model curricula – How can we help teachers and students to build their own curricula?
  • SIEP Game – What did we learn from the training sessions that could improve the game?

Finally, the team set a timeline and adjustable structures to implement the aforementioned activities until September, right in time for the beginning of the scholar year. Moreover, the SIEP Labs sessions have the final objective to involve local authorities to recognise and acknowledge the situation about bullying in school (and in general) and understating the importance of applying SIEP methods as counteracting tool to fight and therefore prevent with time this phenomenon.

Do not forget to follow the project updates and the relevant topic news on the Facebook and Instagram pages. Let’s fight bullying together!

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