SHAPING LIFE – The manual for facilitators is ready!

Shaping Life Adult Educator’s Manual is ready!

The project is co-founded by the European Union with the Erasmus+ programme, (code: 2021-1-RO01-KA220-ADU-000033794). CEIPES and the four partners from Romania, Spain, and Portugal have concluded the work in cooperation delivering the first result of the Project, a great achievement so far.

The Manual for adults educators covers 5 topics and their theoretical frame: Anxiety, Burnout, Depression, Career Planning and Parenting. 

An intervention program will follow, that applies the theoretical frame into practice in workshops with adults from many different backgrounds.

The Purpose of the manual is to give a valid tool for adult educators to tackle important topics in the life of the adult population, to learn and have a reference point for further research.

The project aims at reaching over 900 hundred people thanks to the application of a cascade program and the work of facilitators.

If you want to read the Shaping Life Adult Educator’s Manual you can now download it from the project’s website.

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