CEIPES association is looking for 12 participants for a “study visit” on how to introduce SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) tools within educational contexts.

Where: Budapest / Hungary
When: 12 (arrival) – 16 (departure) July 2021
Participants: 12 teachers or youth workers
Project title: SEL in Action
Partner countries: Hungary, Italy, United Kingdom


The CEIPES association is looking for 12 teachers or youth workers for a study visit to Hungary aimed at developing skills on SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) tools and creating an international toolkit through the exchange of good practices between the various participants.

Before the study visit the participants will receive an online training course from Barnardo’s, one of the partners of the SEL in Action project, thanks to which it will be possible to understand how to use them to structure the lessons with the students creating positive changes learning.


SEL in Action project is aiming to join already existing but isolated SEL initiations and building on their experiences and best practices take social and emotional learning further ahead towards inclusion in public education.  SEL can play a vital role in classroom climate, how teachers build relationships with students and colleagues, how students build relationships with each other and how conflicts and disciplines are addressed. 


In this course, the SEL (Social Emotional Learning) methodologies to be used in the world of teaching and in the youth sector will be analyzed and put into practice. 


Be a teacher or youth worker

Being over 18

Medium / advanced level of the English language

Studies: psychology, sociology, pedagogy, social assistance, socio-emotional learning, creative teaching, social studies, educational sciences, etc.

Economic conditions

Food (breakfast-lunch and dinner) and accommodation are 100% covered by the host association

Transport will be reimbursed at the end of the project.


If you are interested in the themes of the project and really motivated to participate, you can apply by filling out the following form