Project name: RE-CONSTRUCT: Life & Mind Together
Project Number: 2020-1-RO01-KA204-080317
Duration: 15-01-2021 to 15-01-2023
Funded by: Co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union Coordinator: GAMMA Institute
Partners: CEIPES, ASPAYM Castilla y Leon, Check-In, IAIRS

“RE-CONSTRUCT: Life & Mind together” is a two-year strategic partnership project that brings together five partners from five different European countries (Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland). The first meeting was held over two dates between March and April 2021, and was conducted online in order to guarantee the safety of the participants in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project aims to facilitate the reconstruction of adult life on a personal, family, professional and social level in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. People across the world have suffered in all aspects of their lives as a result of the pandemic, and many have not had skills and tools available to them for coping with these consequences. This has left many adults’ lives in need of support and “re-constructing”, while many organisations working with adults on a psycho-social level could also benefit from guidelines and tools to help these people address the issues that have emerged.

Thus, the project has three main objectives:

First, as a psychological intervention for emergency situations, the projects aims to develop a mobile app to be used by adults. The app with help combat anxiety, and will promote a healthy lifestyle, effective decision making skills, and physical, mental, emotional and relational prevention mechanisms as part of the daily routine.

Second, a psychological intervention, adapted to different socio-economic contexts and different target groups, will be developed and disseminated through a web platform – with materials in 6 languages (English, Roman, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish).

Third, the project aims to improve the capacity of the partner organisation to provide psychological support in crisis situations, and to train others, including volunteers, to deliver the outputs of the project to those in need.

The initial collaboration of the partners was highly productive, and CEIPES looks forward to working together over the next two years to improve adults’ prospects in dealing with the negative psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.