From 30 August to 1 September, the partners of the project Radio Theater: Tales of the Quarantine (2020-1-ES02-KA227-YOU-016757) shared 3 training days dedicated to the topics of design thinking and creative writing. The five partner organisations of the project participated in the activities: Consejo de la Juventud de Castilla y León (Spain); CEIPES – CENTRO INTERNAZIONALE PER LA PROMOZIONE DELL’EDUCAZIONE E LO SVILUPPO ASSOCIAZIONE (Italy); Fundación Aspaym Castilla y León (Spain), ROSTO SOLIDARIO – Associacao de Desenvolvimento Social e Humano (Portugal), ASOCIATIA INSTITUTUL DE CERCETARE SI STUDIUL CONSTIINTEI CUANTICE (Romania). The training took place online; however, the active participation and cooperative atmosphere contributed to a unique experience.  

The main objective of the training is to initiate a series of activities that will enable the young people involved in the project to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to develop a story composed of 10 episodes with the fundamental topic of quarantine, using the form of radio podcasts.  

During the first training in design thinking and creative writing, the participants had the opportunity to learn and deepen the main concepts of storytelling. There was a general awareness of the so-called hero’s journey and the various written forms to be used to convey a message. Creative writing as a tool for personal development was the main topic of the three days of training. It was a moment of sharing and confrontation, also in relation to team building exercises and energizers to be used during the local workshops.  

The first training is only the beginning of a path that will lead to the staging of the various episodes and the recording and publication of the stories in the form of podcasts. By organising the next trainings, followed by the local workshops, the young participants will be able to acquire, develop and increase their skills in creativity, public speaking, and self-knowledge.  

To find out more about the upcoming trainings or to participate in the local workshops, you can visit the social pages of the project or our website: