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01/06/2019 – 30/05/2022


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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  • Promote entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people
  • Contribute to development and e-commerce in Europe through the training of young people in entrepreneurship, innovation and e-commerce at EU level
  • Promote an education open to innovative practices in a digital age
  • Transnational relations of partner countries in order to analyze the concepts of innovation, entrepreneurship and electronic commerce
  • Training courses held in the various partner countries in order to be able to develop the concepts of innovation, entrepreneurship and e-commerce together with a group of young people
  • Country report, the partners will deal with a detailed analysis of the local business situation through research and interviews and specific questions to entrepreneurs.
  • Web portal containing information and project activities, news, photos, digital e-book, with section of E-GUIDE and E-TRAINING which will serve as open source for all those who want to improve themselves in entrepreneurship, innovation methods and in e – commerce+
  • E-GUIDE for young entrepreneurs, the contents will be based on the concepts analyzed.
  • E-TRAINING platform: The platform will contain important training content in an interactive form for young entrepreneurs in order to increase their innovative skills.