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01-12-2018 – 30-11-2020


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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  • To increase the capacities of those involved in sport and to develop citizenship education through sporting values ​​and belonging to the sports community
  • To improve the capacities of actors to detect and preventing the risks of violent radicalization among young people with identity-building difficulties and at odds with institutions
  • To promote the use of sport as a lever for greater participation of all young people in life democratic and civic, encourage diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, promote the common European values ​​of freedom, tolerance and respect for human rights
  • To develop the capacities of sports educators and facilitators to promote and transmit positive sports values ​​to young people, in particular towards young people in fragile
  • Development of benchmark of good practices for preventing violent radicalization through sports citizenship
  • Development of a methodological guide to support the development of “sports citizenship” in sports clubs and youth organizations
  • Development of a toolkit and online training for youth workers and sports educators to prevent radicalization leading to violent extremism in sports
  • A better understanding of the processes leading certain young people to radicalize in sports: vulnerabilities and points of vigilance detected depending on the context
  • Better knowledge of good citizenship education practices in sport and through sport
  • A rise in competence of youth workers and sports educators in the prevention of radicalization and citizenship education
  • Development and experimentation in several European territories with innovative tools: Benchmark of good practices for the development of active citizenship by and in European Sport; methodological guide for the co-construction of a “sports citizenship” in sports and by sport; toolbox and online training for youth workers and sports educators on prevention of radicalization leading to violent extremism in sports
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