Soft skills related to Additive Manufacturing technology

Fee: 400 €

Duration days / hours : 4 days / 20 hours

The training course can be funded by Erasmus+ KA1 programme (staff mobility).

Thanks to this course people expert in Additive manufacturing will gain a lot of competences related with the soft skills.

In the early 90s, the concept of vertical and horizontal classification of skills came out. T-shaped refers to someone who possesses deep skills along with a broad base of shallow ones. The concept splits the T letter into two bars – horizontal one and vertical one. Essentially, the T-shaped concept is a metaphor for the depth and breadth that an individual has in their skills. 

The vertical bar on the ‘T’ represents the depth of related skills and expertise in a single field, whereas the horizontal bar represents a breadth of skills and the ability to collaborate across disciplines with experts in other areas and to apply knowledge in areas of expertise other than one’s own. 

Nowadays, in a general context, on one hand there are the industries that are moving towards a T-shaped model, on the other hands there are universities who are slow to do the same with their curricula.

The course will be carried out thanks to online lessons through the CEIPES’s eLearning platform.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to integrate the technical skills with the soft ones.

The main objective of the course is the acquisition of the soft, transversal skills send knowledge for applying them in different sector and above all in the one of Additive Manufacturing.

  • To acquire skills regarding teamwork. 

  • To acquire skills regarding communication and networking. 

  • To acquire skills regarding time management. 

  • To acquire skills regarding information technology. 

  • To acquire skills regarding tolerance and open-mindedness.

  • To acquire skills regarding òeadership and organization. 

  • To acquire skills regarding negotiations. 

  • To acquire skills regarding presentations and giving lectures

  • To acquire skills regarding creativity and innovation. 

  • To acquire skills regarding basics of marketing and sales.

  • Teachers who intend to update and implement their CV
  • Students who intend to perfect their curriculum
  • Professionals who intend to update or convert their CV


  • Creativity and innovation
  • What is creativity and its process?
  • What’s Innovation & Innovation Strategy?
  • Creative and innovative techniques and methodologies
  • Convergence and divergence techniques
  • Other methodologies and techniques
  • Creativity and Innovation and AM Technology


  • Communication skills and competences
  • The whole process of communication
  • How to understand a message?
  • Shaping Communication or Conversation Techniques
  • Presentation Skills
  • Networking Skills


  • Project management techniques for continuous innovation through AM 
  • The project manager
  • Project management lifecycle
  • Online tools for project management
  • Information management strategies for project management
  • Strategic Intelligence and Technological Watch systems and tools


  • Business model innovation
  • Business Discovery
  • Impact Assessment
  • Generation of New Business Options / Solutions
  • Learning and Validation
  • Tactics for a Sustainable Growth

The lenght and the contents of the programmes can be modified according to the needs, more details will be given to interested organizations. Certificate of attendance by CEIPES will be awarded. If within the Erasmus+ programme, an EUROPASS certificate of attendance and competence will be awarded.

The programme, on request and with an extracharge, may include Italian classes, cultural activities, organization of board and lodging.