SAMANTHA: Skills in Additive MANufacturing for the Toolmaking and Habitat Sectors

Project Number: 2019-1-DE02-KA202-006458
Timespan of the Project: 01-09-2019 / 31-08-2022

Project E-mail:

  • Create flexible learning pathways and didactic tools based on the learning outcomes approach, able to provide, assess and recognize the key competences identified in target groups.
  • To ensure good alignment of VET programmes with the requirements of the Toolmaking industry and Habitat sectors regarding AM.
  • To boost the Digital Transformation and the Smart Industrial Specialisation of these manufacturing sectors with a competent implementation of AM in their value chains.
  • To increase competitiveness and productivity of these sectors with a continuous up/re-skilling of the workforce with the required high-tech T-shaped skills needed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • To raise awareness and to improve the image of KETs and STEM graduates in society as a field to work in.
  • A complete overview of the level of implementation of AM in these sectors, the desired and needed high-tech T-shaped skills in workers’ curriculum and related VET training offer.
  • The creation of an innovative curriculum and the development of SAMANTHA Training Content.
  • The setting up of the SAMANTHA Open Learning Platform.
  • A Senior Transfer of Knowledge within senior workers to juniors.
  • Policy recommendations based on the obtained results of the project in order to foster the needed change in VET policies.
  • Report on the situation and evolution of Additive Manufacturing in the Toolmaking & Habitat sectors and related VET training offer: high-tech T-shaped skills and competences in different occupations (mismatches and needs)
  • SAMANTHA Joint Curriculum and Training Content
  • SAMANTHA Open Learning Platform
  • Senior Transfer of Knowledge
  • Strategy roadmap for the Digital Transformation and Smart Industrial Specialisation of the Toolmaking and Habitat sectors through VET education