Promoting Active Inclusion of Disadvantaged Persons Excluded from the regular participation into grassroots sports


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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  •  Improve the efficiency of different stakeholders (state institutions, social services, NGOs, sport clubs and federations) especially those involved into grassroots sports through exchange of experience, good practices, methods and practicing of activities as a way of promoting the social inclusion of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.
  •  Empower vulnerable and disadvantaged groups and give them the basic skills and experience required to break down the hurdles they encounter on simple participating into grassroots sports.
  •  Foster improvements in the inclusion of vulnerable and disadvantage groups, raising public awareness, and developing effective partnerships among key stakeholders (state institutions, social services, sport clubs and federations, NGOs, social partners, education and training providers, families) to produce results on the ground.
  • Organization of 4 workshops which will include different beneficiaries such as: state institutions, social centers, sport clubs and federations, NGOs and other relevant organization that are related in the promotion of social inclusion of vulnerable and disadvantage groups, with focus on inclusion in sport activities. 
  • Organization of 4 sports events that will include the target group, will raise public awareness and promote volunteerism. 4 different sports will be promoted as a way of inclusion of the vulnerable and the disadvantaged people into sport activities. 
  • Dissemination of recommendation and good practices developed through the life-cycle of the project.
  • Increased cooperation between the ley stakeholders bu exchange of experience and good practices. Setting up basis for networking and building of partnerships that will clearly aim at leading the target groups to active participation into grassroots sports.
  • Stakeholder and public awareness raised through promotion of inclusion of the target group in sport activities.  The participation into grassroots sports of disadvantaged people enhanced by promoting the idea that sport is for everyone.
  • Key stakeholders will benefit as the project will provide recommendations and help improve knowhow and service frameworks that are needed for the replication of best practices.