Palermo a welcoming city: Study visit about migration

Fee: 400 €

Duration days / hours : 3 days / 18 hours

The training course can be funded by Erasmus+ KA1 programme (staff mobility).

Sicily, the biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea, is a bridge between Africa and Europe. Sicily, for its position, is one of the first places where migrants and refugees arrive in Europe. In this context, in these years many associations, organizations and shelter centres have opened in order to allow the right assistance.

This is a study visit for all those who want to know how the welcoming system works in Sicily. Furthermore, Palermo is acknowledged to be one of the most migrant-friendly cities in Italy, not only because of the local policies that have been open to welcome foreigners, but also for the different associations and realities that were born in the last years to support migrants’ social inclusion. The visit will show the dense and collaborative network of realities developed in these years, made up of civil society and non-governmental organizations, voluntary associations of people working in the migration field.

This study visit has the aim to show how Sicily is involved in migration issues and how Sicilian people actively operate to create a safe and comfortable environment for migrants. 

The visit shows the local operational framework in terms of reception of migrants, asylum seekers and unaccompanied foreign minors; the local realities born to manage the presence of foreign people on the territory and the good practices that have spread in recent years, increasing the social inclusion of this category of people.

  • Understanding of the functioning of the reception system;
  • Best practices about the migration field in Sicily;
  • Understanding of the legal migration framework;
  • Empowerment of network;
  • Meeting with stakeholders in the migration fields.
  • Professors and/or teachers;
  • CSOs, NGOs, Associations that work in the migration field;
  • PhD Students that are conducting research in this field.
  • People interested in the migration field.

DAY 1 – Reception system in Italy

  • Introduction of CEIPES – meeting in CEIPES’ headquarter. 
  • Description of the reception system of migrants in Italy: strengths and weaknesses.
  • The management of migration in Sicily with a focus on Palermo city;
  • Organized visit to shelter centres for unaccompanied foreign minors and adults;

DAY 2 – Legislation

  • Legal Migration Framework in Italy – the Italian Migration Law;
  • Meeting with lawyers that provide a free legal consultancy to migrants and refugees
  • Cultural dinner in the city

DAY 3 – Best practices in Palermo

  • Presentation of CEIPES’ labour agency;
  • Focus on how to provide a job matching and training courses to migrants and refugees in order to introduce them in the labour market
  • Best practices in the migration field in Palermo: 
    • Meeting with SMEs and NGOs that work in order to allow migrants and refugees to be easily part of the national labour market
    • Meeting with civil society organizations, spontaneously born, in order to report the current situation in the Mediterranean Sea.

The lenght and the contents of the programmes can be modified according to the needs, more details will be given to interested organizations. Certificate of attendance by CEIPES will be awarded. If within the Erasmus+ programme, an EUROPASS certificate of attendance and competence will be awarded.

The programme, on request and with an extracharge, may include Italian classes, cultural activities, organization of board and lodging.