Love Life and Dance: Expressive therapy for empowering youth


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September 2017 – September 2019


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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  •  Creating innovative practices in the field of youth through the development of a work-kit through art-dance therapy and other expressive therapies which should promote a healthy lifestyle, a healthy expression of emotions, self-esteem, the stimulation of decision-making capacity and social inclusion of young people in a multicultural community.
  •  Increasing the transferability of innovative and non-formal methodologies by developing a multicultural resource web platform for youth workers and young people in art therapy methods. The web platform aims to disseminate the resources developed within the project, as well as existing ones, to youth workers, interested organizations and institutions, youth NGOs, dance schools, arts schools, youth service providers, etc.
  •  Organizational development of 4 institutions with different cultural and organizational experience and strengthening the strategic partnership between them by the development and dissemination of intellectual products and innovative work methodologies created in the field of youth and non-formal education. Besides their specific, each partner comes with a diverse dissemination network, from young people, youth workers, specialists, students, public institutions and decision-makers.
  • A documentation phase, in which all the partners will contribute for the needs analysis and the development in each country of the dance schools and institutions using art-therapy.
  • An elaboration phase, in which will be organized a transnational meeting for straightening the partnership and for establishing the strategy for the future activities.
  • A testing phase, in which 240 young people from the 4 countries will benefit from the intervention kit, participating on 8 workshops of dance-therapy for 2 months. After the testing and improvement of the intervention, the kit will be launched officially and will begin the dissemination events.
  • 3 dance festival, one in each country in a public space, for popularize the impact of the expressive methods in the therapeutic process.

1) a toolkit to promote, through dance and other expressive techniques, well-being, self-efficacy, capacity of socialization and social inclusion. This tool will address to everyone who work in the field of youth working ( independently form their educational background) and in the field of dance and expressive arts but also to everyone who adopts these arts in social field ( such as dance-movement therapy) with the aim of getting to know  methodologies used by other therapists from every part of Europe; 

2) a festival about dance, arts therapies and youth working that will take place in May 2019 in Italy, Romania and Spain that, a part from being a multiplier event, will promote tools such as dance- movement therapy among youths.

  • Asociația Institutul de Cercetare și Studiul Conștiinței Cuantice – GAMMA INSTITUTE, (Iași, Romania)
  • Universitatea ”Danubiua” (Galați, Romania);
  • ASPAYM (Castilla y Leon, Valladolid, Spain)