Leadership for Change


Project details

Project number:  2017-3-IT03-KA105-012238

Timespan of the project:

 10/01/2018 – 09/10/2018

Web: https://ceipes.org/it/leadership-for-change-training-a-palermo-per-la-leadership/

Program details

Financing program: 

ERASMUS + KA1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals Youth mobility

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Contact details

CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

Contact Person: Irene Capozzi

E-mail: irene.capozzi@ceipes.org



  • To develop and pilot an innovative training on inner leadership.
  • To build youth workers’ capacities on inner leadership as a way to develop their competences and improve their work with other young people.
  • To motivate and reinforce youth workers self-confidence to actively engage them in inspirational work with young people and replicate the training with them.
  • To strengthen collaboration and networking amongst youth organisations in European and partner countries.
  • To contribute to build social cohesion and peace in the participating countries.
  • Training course held between 24th of May to the 1st of June 2018. In contact with nature, immersed in the frame of the Environmental Education Center of Serra Guarneri, the participants took a path that allowed them to explore their energy, which inspired a desire within to change the world, in order to become stimulating leaders in the community and with other young people. Moreover, to act with integrity, mostly to live according to our own values and principles, to be and act according to what is most true for us, so to create value for people and the world.  This path was divided into three main pillars: Inner Leadership(Self) that addresses the roots of identity and self, Leadership with others (Others) and Community Leadership (World), which allow the participants to develop skills on relevant aspects of human behaviour, shared leadership, embracing diversity, individual and social changes, etc.
  • The follow-up activities implemented by participants further benefit young people who will then acquire new competences on inner leadership and feel more confident to implement initiatives themselves, or instead acquire more confidence and clarity on their life projects.
  • These participants then returned home and created, then held, projects of their own, aimed towards young people of their communities and, thus, contributed to their personal growth path, using what they had learnt about leadership in our project and starting a chain path of sustainable change for the world.
  • Leadership for change toolkit was created for further implementation
  • Increased knowledge of leadership and power for the participants involved, also further addressing their own abilities and potentials.
  • Further personal growth for the participants involved and the further positive impact in their local communities due to their implemented projects.

Leadership For Change – The Journey

Being a youth worker means, first of all, having the sense of initiative and involvement necessary to support the young people you work with - often disadvantaged young people or young people looking to define their "life...

24th May- 1st June 2018- Serra guarneri- Cefalú, Palermo (Italy)

Posted by CEIPES on Thursday, June 14, 2018

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