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12/2018 – 12/2021


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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  • Increase the labour market integration of newly arrived migrants in sustainable employment positions;
  • Building the capacity of intermediary organisations to support labour market integration of newly arrived migrants and refugees;
  • Increase of the engagement of employers in the process. The project intends to involve at least 400 employers in the process of improving employability of the refugees and migrants through its training actions, information campaigns, apprenticeships etc;
  • Increase work-based learning for refugees, through the organisation of apprentices for 150 refugees and newly arrived migrants,
  • Increase the awareness of the existing EU tools among the employers.
  • Development of a needs assessment survey;
  • Development of quality training material for the training of the members of intermediary organisations; 
  • Provision of post-placement support to third-country nationals after they start employment, and to their employers, to ensure sustainability of employment;
  • Promotion of diversity and non-discrimination at work place;
  • Organisation of apprenticeships and on the job training for refugees;
  • Adaptation of training to refugees and other migrants’ needs;
  • Transfer of successful practices from other countries related with the involvement of intermediary organisations in the process of the labor market integration of refugees;
  • Organisation of training of trainers;
  • Recruitment of intermediary organisations;
  • Organisation of face to face training: 
  • Organisation of training to members of intermediary organisations through the use of an online platform.
  • Development of a Web Portal addressed to employers;
  • Organisation of training activities addressed to employers;
  • Organisation of workshops addressed to employers;
  • The expected results are a significant increase of the capacity of intermediary organizations to engage companies for the employment of migrants/ refugees; as well as the increase of the matching between the skills of the migrants/refugees and the skills required in the local labor market.