Immigrant Friendly Cities


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09/2018 – 09/2020

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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  • Establish permanent information services through new technological solutions to respond to the needs of immigrants.
  • Strengthen the cooperation and networking between AEPs, research centres and public bodies from countries most affected by the refugees’ crisis.
  • Promote the integration of refugees, asylum seekers and newly arrived migrants and raise awareness about the refugee crisis in Europe.
  • Encourage the utilization of Open Educational Resources (OER) to give access to education and digital training tools to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers
  • Help migrants get acquainted with their new society, learn the rules and their basic rights
  • Encourage the continuing and professional development of Adult educators by using the innovative education models.
  • Each partner will research and collect data about the current status of refugees/migrants in their country in order to have a need analysis and to write a State of art report;
  • Implementation of an online survey for refugees/migrants to identify their needs;
  • Development of the material to realize workshops and other forms of F2F interactions with migrants;
  • Development of a MOOC for adult educators, adult education providers, NGOs and whole community;
  • Design and pilot testing of the platform and Mobile App;
  • Learning/teaching/training activities.
  • Refugees and newly arrived migrants will communicate each other and get info through the APP 
  •  Migrants and refugees are equipped with functional and practical skills
  • An effective inclusive model and creative mutual learning experience will be developed at public level  
  • Barriers for integration will be removed and equality of opportunity will be promoted
  • Safe and open spaces of interaction will be created between the host and the migrant communities
  • 1 Web based platform for refugees/migrants where they can have information guidance services
  • 1 mobile application which shows refugees/migrants where services are closest to them on a map
  • 1 MOOC for adult trainers who works with refugees/migrants to improve their multicultural skills
  •  State of the Art Report of all partner countries & monitoring/final reports
  •  2 Workshops for refugees/immigrants