I SPORT – Inclusive Sport Project Opposed to Radicalization Tenets


Project details

Project number: EAC-2017-0472

Timespan of project: 01/01/2018 – 31/12/2018

Web: https://www.facebook.com/I-SPORT-938884679620194/

Program details

Financing program:  EAC – Monitoring and coaching, through sports, of youngsters at risk of radicalisation

Link Of Program:



Contact details

CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

Contact Person: Sara Cicero

Email: saramaria.cicero@ceipes.org

  • To remove the physical and cultural barriers impeding young people from prison and /or reception centres for migrants to participate in sport activities with local peers;
  • To awaken and divulge the values of sports among young people living in prisons and to lower the lure of radicalization by proposing them an alternative to violence and solitude;
  • To equip young people with lower opportunities with sound knowledge and skills to make the best use of sport over a 9-month preparation training course;
  • To emphasise important European values through sport participation such as gender balance, fair-play collaboration, and social acceptance;
  • To bring together young people of different backgrounds (detainees; local young people; migrant and refugees people) and religions (Muslims; Christians; Hindus) and to cooperate together in the realization of the final tournament.
  • A sport training course based on three sports: Athletic, Volleyball and Futsal;
  • A training course based on Non Formal Education;
  • A final sport tournament;
  • Creation of the Sport Training Manual.
  • “Baseline Training Results Guidelines”, a guideline that will identify the minimum expected results as well as the overall impact;
  • Improving of understanding of the positive impact that sport has in promoting positive social and individual behaviours, with benefits at local, regional, national and European level;
  • To reach an increased awareness on the challenge of radicalization, not only for the society as such but also for the individuals falling into its lure.


I – Sport, one entire year in just two videos

The project “I Sport-Inclusive Sport Project Opposed to Radicalization Tenets", involved a target group of 100 young people, between the ages of 16 and 25 of both sexes, including young prisoners, refugees and young people with migrant background, as well as young...


The project "I Sport-Inclusive Sport Project Opposed to Radicalization Tenets" brought together CEIPES, “Malaspina” Juvenile Detention Center, Refugee and Asylum Seekers Centers, as well as CUS Palermo - University Sports Center...

I – SPORT, challenge and success

On Wednesday 28th of November 2018, at the facilities of CUS (University Sport Center) Palermo, we celebrated the conclusion of the project I SPORT - Inclusive Sport Project Opposed to Radicalization Tenets, which, starting from March 2018, involved several entities...

Latest news from I SPORT project implementation

The project “I SPORT - Inclusive Sport Project Opposed to Radicalization Tenets”, born from the idea of ​​some collaborators of CEIPES, others of CUS Palermo, together with the CdS interclasses Education Sciences of the University of Palermo and the precious...

I sport project conferance

On Wednesday, February 28th we will meet at Palazzo Steri for the opening conference of the project SPORT - Inclusive Sport Project Opposed to Radicalization Tenets. The project, funded by the European Union, brings together CEIPES (International Center for the...


SPORTS - Inclusive Sport Project Opposed to Radicalization Tenents is a project, of a year of duration, co-funded by the European Union. Last February 28th the conference was held to present the project, at the Sala Sant'Antonio Abate of Palazzo Steri, which was...

I-Protect platform for safeguarding children in sport

CEIPES and its partners, governments, public and private institutions from Spain, France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Belgium, is starting the implementation of an ambitious project which will create a digital platform for athletes, families, coaches and sport...

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