Development of a European Platform for the Protection of Children in Sport (i-Protect)


Project details

Project number:  2017-2531 / 001-001

Timespan of the project: 01/01/2018 – 30/06/2020


Program details

Financing program: 

Erasmus+ Programme: Support for Collaborative Partnerships in the Field of Sportobility

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Contact details

CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  • Development of an online platform targeted at grassroots organizations and with the participation of athletes, families, coaches and sport managers.
  • Tackling cross-border threats to the integrity of sport specifically violence against children;
  • Promoting and supporting good governance in sport;
  • Promote voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity, through increase participation in, and equal access to sport for all;
  • Increase awareness of as regards the role of sport in promoting social inclusion, equal opportunities and health enhancing physical activity through the i-Protect platform program;
  • Improving and sharing of good practices;
  • Combating violence and tackling racism, discrimination, intolerance in sport and encouraging social inclusion also though the i-Protect platform program.
  • Contribute to the development and definition of a set of requirements to be met by sport organizations wishing to participate in the protection program through the use of the i-Protect platform;
  • Contribute to the definition of the platform high-level functional requirements definition, structure and processes;
  • Develop the platform raw content for each of the courses aimed at the different “Teams” of the project (athletes, coaches, families and sport managers);
  • Production of the final courses of the interactive audio-visual e-learning content (videos, storyboards, text, animation, etc.) adapted to the LMS specifications by the Instructional Designer and the graphic designer (TBD) in the format decided by the experts;
  • Raw translation of the content in each of the 4 remaining languages (Spanish, French, German and Italian);
  • Contribute to set the framework and establish each country’s requirements for the Follow-up Strategy, providing the basis for facilitating on-going and further development of child protection policies in sport through the i-Protect platform.
  • A participative i-Protect Platform for the protection of children in the context of sport;
  • Learning and teaching materials for Athletes, Families and Coaches on children and the prevention of violence, negligence, harassment and abuse in the context of physical activities and sport;
  • Creation of “i-Protect Seal” as “child protecting sport organization”.
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