How to involve Men in Gender Issues and Get Their Support


Project details

Project number: 


Timespan of the project:

01/11/2019 – 31/10/2021


The basic objective of the project is to define procedures for men to engage in gender issues and the equal opportunities agenda. Available studies and materials show that men are more vocal than they show in dailylife. The goal of the project is therefore to find ways to translate words into action.

Among the main objectives of the project:

– To find ways to translate this interest in active participation 

– To provide innovative training courses and other materials for adult education in lifelong learning 

To raise awareness and understanding of the need for men to engage in equal opportunities and the gender agenda. It will be provided information on areas where men feel discriminated against and how it affects society and the overall social and economic situation.


-Content Analysis of the current situation: each partner will prepare an overview of the actual situation and education needs how to involve men in gender issue and the discrimination of men and methods to solve it each country involved in the project. The main section will be about a data collection of the research, analysis and the recommendations;

-The results of the key activity Content Analysis will be a start point for work on all intellectual outputs:

-Manual development: After creating the basic content and structure of the Manual, it will be prepared both on-line and face-to-face courses. It will be designed according to needs and knowledge of target groups

-F2F Module development, it will include syllabus preparation, content development, preparation of studying materials including images, video and multimedia creating, creating tasks, adaptation of material for F2F course training 

-Online course content: will be transmited to the software Moodle to create final online output which will guarantee sustainability, availability, open and free access to information for educators and adult learners.

-Piloting implementation: Online course and F2F course will be tested; 

-Dissemination activities: promotion of the project activities and results on websites of partner organizations and 3 conferences

-Transnational meetings


– The Manual “Making man more gendered” which design and describe procedures for achieving male participation in gender issues and the equal opportunities agenda 

– On-line course “How to make men more gendered” with the aim to deal with the issues of male participation in gender equality and equal opportunities genders 

– Face to face course for the professional public 

The intellectual outputs of the project are designed to influence the thinking and behavior of users. HR managers will receive information and incentives how to model the organization’s behavior in gender issues and to meet the needs of men. Recipients of NGO will receive inspiration and information about innovative activities aimed at engaging men in gender issues