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20/12/19 – 19/08/21


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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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The  main  objective  of  the  project  is  to increase  European  heritage  education  in  youth, especially   in   youth   with   fewer   opportunities   (refugees   and   migrants,   people with disabilities,  youth  with  social  and  economic  obstacles,  etc.),  through  the testing   and   implementation   of   innovative   educational   tools   based   on the   use   of Gamification. These  innovative  methods,  created  through  transnational  and  cross-sectoral  European cooperation,  will  integrate  skills  and  knowledge  about  our European  cultural  heritage, focusing on promoting a tool that enhances heritage education, motivates youth to know our   European  heritage   and   generates new   tools  for   youth   workers,   trainers   and professionals who work on this topic.


1) Create innovative  practices  in  the  field  of  youth  by  developing  an  intellectual  product adapted  and  accessible  to  youth  with  fewer  opportunities,  which promote  skills  and knowledge  about  our  European  cultural  heritage,  motivating  their  learning  through  the  use of gamification, a learning technique that moves the mechanics of the games to the educational-professional  field  in  order  to  achieve  better  results,  either  to  better  absorb  some knowledge, improve some skill or reward concrete actions.

2) Create  innovative  tools  to  facilitate  the  work  of  workers  in  the  youth  field  through  the  design of an educational game focused on heritage education European.

3) Organizational  development  of  5  institutions  with  different  previous  experiences,  both  cultural  and  organizational,  and  strengthening  the  strategic  partnership  between  them.



It is expected to develop two big results a Manual and a  European heritage educational game 

  • Manual / Methodological guide adapted for youth workers and  youth  service  providers working  in  different  social  fields. Will include  a compilation of knowledge and content in matters of European heritage education that promote the patrimonial knowledge of each of the cities of origin of each of the partners that make up this strategic association.
  • APP:  an  innovative  tool  to  facilitate  the  work  of  youth  workers  and  youth  service providers,   which   develops   education   content   with   the   necessary adaptations to young people with fewer opportunities that can participate in equal conditions  and  develop  their  knowledge  and competences  on  our  European  cultural  heritage.  This intellectual output can be the perfect tool for youth workers, trainers and professionals of the culture and tourism sector apply the gamification-based methodology as a means to enhance  knowledge  of  heritage  education  among  youth, especially  youth  with  fewer opportunities (disability, refugees and migrants, young people facing social and economic obstacles). The APP that will develop this Educational game will adapt all content to be accessible to  young  people  with  fewer  opportunities,  especially  young  people  with disabilities,  with  relative  information  on the  accessibility of  our  real  estate  cultural heritage.  .