Financial Management of EU funded Projects

Fee: 350 €

Duration days / hours : 3 days / 18 hours

The training course can be funded by Erasmus+ KA1 programme (staff mobility).

The FM course aims to give an overview about the financial management of an european funded projects. Starting from the analysis of the project’s documents to identify the financial information of the projects, the course examines the financial tools and techniques for the efficient implementation of the project and for assessing the effectiveness of the financial management project system. The goal monitoring the project life cycle.  The course will give information about the cycle of payments, the subcontracting and tender. During the course we will analyse best practise and templates.

Help recipients of EU funds to comply with the conditions for financial management set out in contracts for EU-financed projects.

  • Provide basic, practical guidance in a user-friendly format;
  • Identify important risk areas, indicate what can go wrong and explain how these risks can be avoided;
  • Provide best practices, tools and templates;
  • Mastering the subcontracting rules;
  • Understanding the Grant Agreement;
  • Establishing financial and partnership management rules
  • Establishing financial and administrative reports;
  • Discovering the allowed flexibility between the original project and its implementation;
  • Understanding the European Commission’s payment procedure,
  • Labor cost;

Accountant, project manager, administrative

Day 1:

From the application to the Grant Agreement and the budget; 

Relation vs third parties, documents and legal basis.

Identify the financial information to prepare an effectiveness schedule.

Day 2:

Budget and Justifying documents

Labor cost.

Presentation of the tools. 

Day 3:

Procurement procedures- TOR-Agreement

Accountancy of the project and Reporting. 

Case study

The lenght and the contents of the programmes can be modified according to the needs, more details will be given to interested organizations. Certificate of attendance by CEIPES will be awarded. If within the Erasmus+ programme, an EUROPASS certificate of attendance and competence will be awarded.

The programme, on request and with an extracharge, may include Italian classes, cultural activities, organization of board and lodging.