Euriversity – European action against discrimination


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01/09/2019 – 31/08/2022


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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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1 – The absolute normalisation and effective inclusion of primary and secondary students, raising the levels of awareness of this subject and reducing those of discrimination and conflict due to gender or affective-sexual orientation.

2 – With the aim of meeting objective 1, the implementation within schools of a Comprehensive Action Plan involving the various profiles of our partner institutions and the professional networks to which they circumscribe.

3 – The provision for coordinating the 3 areas of the educational communities as well as the authorities and network of partnerships which can help in the process of transforming our schools.

4 – The establishment of a “European Network of Discrimination-Free Schools”.

  • Identifying the state of the issue from a legislative, social and educational point of view. Presentation of conclusions by each participating institution. The pooling of conclusions in a virtual format and valuation of local groups. 
  • The creation of projects on the part of the students about the changes of the last 50 years at local level. Joint student activity to pool videos and produce a joint report on the state of the issue and proposed measures.
  • The revision of school curricula and teaching materials on the part of the different bodies involved. Suggestions for improvement. A case study.
  • A compilation of good classroom practice to deal with problems of inclusivity and discrimination that each institution is carrying out.
  • Training for all participants on the part of the associations: How to raise awareness and involve our school communities.
  • Projects relating to equality in different countries. “Highlighting the other History. Joint student activity to pool results.
  • Joint teacher training to create a staff action plan: Training
  • Joint training to raise awareness among members of the educational community.

1 – Improvement of the normalisation and inclusion levels in the schools involved in the Project

2 – Active involvement of the educational community in self-awareness processes / civic education on inclusion values and prevention of discrimination based on gender or affective-sexual identity

3- 50% reduction of discrimination cases due to the reasons presented by each of the schools involved.

4- More democrative and inclusive schools.

5- Educational communities as guarantors of respect and enhancement of diversity

6- More involved students in the promotion of inclusive values.

  • Jaén Teacher’s Centre (Spain)
  • Secondary education centre (Sweden)
  • Education centre specialising in innovation (Greece)
  • International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development (Italy)
  • Cambridge County Council Education Authority (UK)
  • Cooperative for Education, Cooperation and Development (Portugal)