#EUDefenders – Reloading European Cultural Heritage through digital storytelling and media literacy


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Erasmus+ Programme

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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development




The objectives of the project are the following:

  • Promoting Europe’s cultural heritage in times of Covid-19, through digital storytelling.
  • Research, recognition and celebration of the cultural heritage of the participating locations.
  • Design training modules and virtual learning tools.
  • Create safe spaces in which young people can reflect on their life history linked to the history of Europe.
  • To promote an innovative mentality that allows to create creative and cultural products in times of Covid-19.
  • 3 international meetings.
  • Selection of participants through a digital questionnaire that meets specific requirements.
  • Organization and implementation of local focus groups.
  • 1 transnational training i.
  • Local workshops in “blended-mobility” mode.
  • Production of a Toolkit.
  • Production of a digital magazine.
  • Test sessions to evaluate the quality of previous activities and intellectual products.
  • 1 final multiplier event
  • Production of a Toolkit.
  • Production of a digital magazine.
  • Contribute to the visibility and conservation of cultural heritage.
  • Contribute to the recovery and resilience of the youth and culture sectors by addressing the challenges of Covid-19.
  • Empower beneficiaries to generate visibility and dissemination of cultural products in virtual environments.