ELISA: “Entrepreneurial Learning in Sport to support Young Athletes employability development”

Project Number: 662904-EPP-1-2020-1-EL-SPO-SCP
Timespan of the Project: 01/01/2021 – 30/06/2023

Project E-mail: info@ceipes.org


Aimed to empower and inspire young athletes to engage with entrepreneurship during and after their career by activating their skills development with the use of the innovative tool of Serious Play.

The core aim of ELISA project is to enhance capacity building of young athletes and those working with them (coaches, educators, sports associations and clubs) in entrepreneurial skills to ease the dual career most of young athletes follow.

  • Organise and conduct the Research on Entrepreneurship Skills Availability of young athletes
  • Create an innovative online educational game (Serious Game) in order to advance entrepreneurial skills, promote and motivate in a playful manner the participants for developing their knowledge, skills and competences on how to incorporate entrepreneurship in their dual career, achieving the greatest positive impact, through the use of ICT game-based environment
  • Research on Entrepreneurship Skills Availability of young athletes
  • Methodology Guide of Career Development and Psychometric Methods
  • ELISA Sport Serious Play Learning Method: E – Game for viable business models addressing challenges based on athletes dual career
  • ELISA Pilot Training Programmes, a Course curriculum / Pilot Course Module
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