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01-10-2017– 30-09-2019



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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  • To experiment and develop the effective use of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies)  for uninitiated trainers willing to keep pace with digital technology in the field of training
  • To use the distance education learning for adult learners from rural areas (mostly with disadvantaged backgrounds) having urgent specific needs to enhance their digital skills.
  • To bring an innovative answer to difficulties identified in each partner country’s rural areas related to digital illiteracy.
  • To work in favor of a more balanced development of each country’s rural areas, by sharing digital methods and tools to tackle the double gap recorded in those areas.
  • To improve both the material and the essential appropriation of the digital culture for a better intellectual and emotional understanding of the opportunities ICT can offer.
  • 5 days training session will result in a co-construction  to emphasize the diversity of the consortium.
  • A pedagogical support designed for trainers working with learners from rurals areas will be produced in a way it ensures the unititiated to get a significant overview of the use of digital skills.
  • The designing, implementation, experimentation wil be conducted on both national and European levels as they will be tested among national target groups in the 5 different countries but also capitalized on a transnational level during the two transnational training and working sessions that will be offered in Poland and Romania.
  • Profesional and methodological guide for ICT uninitiated trainers
  • Digital initiation training for adult learners
  • Digital skills modules on 5 different digital supports.
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Giornata (in)formativa sulle competenze digitali e l'apprendimento a distanza

Posted by CEIPES on Friday, October 5, 2018