Digital basic skills

Fee: 400 €

Duration days / hours : 4 days/20 hours

The training course can be funded by Erasmus+ KA1 programme (staff mobility).

In a dematerialized world where the use of a computer and the Internet becomes a essential prerequisite to master. This course has the ambition to promote one of the 8 European key competences or the digital one.

The course supports and provides tools to users with scarce digital skills, offering them the opportunity to stay at in step with the constant evolution of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) integrating them into their training process.

The course will be carried out thanks to online lessons through the CEIPES’s eLearning platform and offline sections.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to.

The main objective of the course is the acquisition of the digital skills for applying them in different sector and above all in the daily life and professional one.

  •  To search for information on the web through search engines, saving and processing them, also evaluating their reliability.
  • To produce, process and modify web content, such as tables, images, audio files.
  • To know and use digital and online communication tools, such as e-mail, chat, Voice over Ip.
  • To manage and recognize problems that arise, for example, restart the computer, install or uninstall a program, check the internet connection.
  • To use computer tools such as the use of username and password, privacy regulations, awareness of the damage due to excessive use.
  • Teachers who intend to update and implement their CV
  • Students who intend to perfect their curriculum
  • Professionals who intend to update or convert their CV


Data protection and online collaborations

Security and information search on the internet

  • Surf in the Net, search and filter data, information and digital content
  • Evaluate data, information and digital content
  • Manage data, information and digital content
  • Protect devices
  • Protect personal data and privacy


Communication tools

  • Interacting through digital technologies
  • Sharing information through digital technologies
  • Exercising citizenship through digital technologies
  • Collaborate through digital technologies


Online services: Internet for every day and Microsoft office

  • Solve technical problems
  • Identify needs and technological responses
  • Using digital technologies creatively
  • Identify digital skills gaps
  • Using the Office pack


Online and offline content creation

  • Develop digital content
  • Integrate and rework digital content
  • Copyright and licenses

It is advisable to bring your own laptop or tablet, but it is not mandatory. The stations will be fully equipped.

The lenght and the contents of the programmes can be modified according to the needs, more details will be given to interested organizations. Certificate of attendance by CEIPES will be awarded. If within the Erasmus+ programme, an EUROPASS certificate of attendance and competence will be awarded.

The programme, on request and with an extracharge, may include Italian classes, cultural activities, organization of board and lodging.